Overview of Services

Penn-co Construction is versatile and experienced in providing a diverse range of services suited to meet the needs of your project. Our expertise includes General Contracting, Construction Management, Design-Build, and Integrated Design Process. Please see below for further details.

  • General Contracting

    Building with precision and sustainability for a better future.

    In our role as a General Contractor, we establish a fixed-price contract with the Owner. Penn-co’s responsibilities include determining the means and methods to be employed in executing the project in accordance with the project documents. This entails providing all required material, labour, equipment, and services necessary for the project’s construction. To accomplish this, we often work with subcontractors that specialize in their related scopes.

  • Design-Build

    From concept to creation, we build your vision.

    At Penn-co Construction, we have an extensive record of completing projects using the Design-Build approach to construction delivery. Our methodology involves working closely with communities, architects, and engineers to minimize project risks and accelerate the project schedule by overlapping design and construction phases. It also allows us to find building solutions that may be beneficial in order to meet schedule or meet the needs of the owners. We have established strong partnerships with leading consultants in Canada, who have been instrumental in our achievements within our design-build portfolio.


    Efficiency, innovation, and excellence in every step of your construction journey.

    The Construction Management approach enables Penn-co to collaborate with clients throughout the project lifecycle. We deliver a comprehensive suite of services that includes project scheduling, resource allocation, risk mitigation, and budget management. By maintaining open lines of communication with all stakeholders, we ensure that everyone is informed and aligned throughout the process. This integrated approach guarantees that our clients receive tailored, cost-effective, and high-quality solutions that aligns with their unique requirements.

  • Integrated Design Process

    Collaborating together to build inspired spaces.

    At Penn-co Construction, we have a team of committed experts who excel in collaborative environments and offer their expertise and insight throughout the process. By being a part of an Integrated Design Process (IDP) team, we ensure that projects are completed within budget and on schedule while maintaining the highest standards of quality and functionality. From the initial stages of conception until the project’s completion, we remain actively engaged to ensure the development of a cohesive and all-inclusive project.